You can apply Alassala® Argan Oil at night as an intensive moisturizing treatment and/or in the morning as a base for your make up due to its non-oily nature.

Start by using Argan oil at night only to see how your skin likes it. You can then progress to twice a day if your skin needs extra hydration or you can simply apply it to dry or wrinkle-prone areas. If you have very dry skin, also use the oil in the morning.

Use a few drops for your entire face. A little does go a long way. The oil penetrates easily, does not leave an oily residue and can even be used around the eye area.

A gentle evening massage of the face with circular movements is recommended for all types of skin.

You can also apply Argan oil to chapped lips, massaging them gently (one lip against the other).

If you are a first time user of Argan Oil, we recommend that you try it first in small hidden area to see if your skin doesn't react against it negatively.


It is of utmost importance how you apply Argan oil in your hair.

Argan oil can be applied before or after taking bath.

Before taking bath pour some oil on the head and spread it across the hair so that it becomes applied from tips to roots of hair. After that gently massage and rub the oil on the scalp. Then wrap your hair in a warm towel and leave it for 30 minutes. Wash and style as usual.

For dry scalp and dandruff, massage into the roots too. Repeat this once or twice a week for soft, smooth and glossy hair. To calm frizzy hair use a drop or two of the oil, rub palms together and scrunch into ends.


Alassala® Argan oil can be used as a mixture with some other oil like sweet almond oil and rose oil to get the preferred aroma.

However it can also be used in pure raw form although it isn't necessary because of the high concentrations of all the essential components. This mixture of Argan oil can be applied around stomach or any other body part like armpits where it is needed. It does not need intensive massaging because of its easily penetrable nature. Only gentle massage will do.

Application of Organic Argan oil twice a day would be sufficient enough to greatly increase the elasticity of the skin of affected area.

If you are a first time user of Argan Oil, we recommend that you try it first in small hidden area to see if your skin doesn't react against it negatively.


For nails, a mixture of equal lemon juice and Argan oil would suffice.

There is no need of 100 % use of Argan oil. Just dip the nails and cuticles into this mixture for some 10 minutes.

This will not only soften your cuticles and limit nail breakage but will also give your nails a healthy radiance.

Also, rub a small amount of Argan oil in your hands especially before going to bed.


For use as an aid for relieving psoriasis, eczema, acne and chicken pox, cover the infected areas liberally with Argan Oil three to four times a day. Due to the unique natural components of our Organic Argan oil, it is useful in the treatment of skin inflammatory diseases.


In which joints and tissues of the body are damaged, Argan oil greatly soothes and reduces the pain.